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PB Fine Art Appraisal, LLC was established in 2006. We are located in Chester County outside of Philadelphia. 




We are available to perform appraisals throughout the United States.


We appraise Fine Art. Our designated specialty is African American Fine Art; Paintings, Sculpture, Works on Paper and Mixed Media.

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Fine Art Valuation

Art valuation, an art-specific subset of financial valuation, is the process of estimating the market value of works of art. As such, it is more of a financial rather than an aesthetic concern, however, subjective views of cultural value play a part as well. Art valuation involves comparing data from multiple sources such as art auction houses, private and corporate collectors, curators, art dealer activities, gallerists (gallery owners), experienced consultants, and specialized market analysts to arrive at a value.


As in the real estate market, “comparable” is used to determine the level of demand for similar goods in today’s market. Comparable freshness is important because the art market is volatile and stagnant comparisons provide estimates that may have nothing to do with the value of current work. The subject and medium of the work also influence market demand and scarcity.


A market created either by the maker or the maker’s agent when an object is sold for the first time, usually in galleries or stores. The secondary market is the venue for the
sale of an object between a seller and a buyer when neither of them have anticipated in the creation or initial sale of the object. In the instance of multiples, a valid secondary market cannot exist while the maker or his agent retains a supply of the original offering.

Source: Appraising Art: The Definitive Guide to Appraising the Fine and Decorative Arts:
Appraisers Association of America


As defined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
“the act or process of developing an opinion of value: an opinion of value”
According USPAP value clan “be numerically expressed as a specific amount, as a
range of numbers, or as a relationship (e.g., not more than, not less than ) to a previous
value opinion or numerical benchmark (e.g., assessed value, collateral value)” It should
be noted that USPAP states that using any other term for an appraisal does not remove
the work from being in compliance with USPAP: it is an appraisal if an opinion of value
is given.

Source: Appraising Art: The Definitive Guide to Appraising the Fine and Decorative Arts:
Appraisers Association of America

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